Do you want to infuse your community with young leaders by empowering them with leadership training? 

Rapport Leadership International is committed to building strong communities through the development of leaders. 

Rapport Leadership International creates and delivers the most powerful leadership training in the world.  Our approach to leadership development is performance-based involving interactive and experiential processes that improve both immediate and long-term performance.

While we service many corporate clients, we also have a Youth Leadership division that is dedicated to supporting our education and youth initiatives.  As a whole, we lead the ongoing Rapport purpose of empowering individuals and teams to live lives of leadership that embody growth, purpose, giving back, and making a positive influence.

The Youth Leadership division has worked with secondary and post-secondary educational institutions, foundations, and community organizations throughout North America, the Caribbean, and Italy. 

Our Focus …

Educational Advancement:  Rapport’s commitment is to advance educational performance by providing experiential, performance-based training to develop leadership competencies that empower the individual to create sustainable change. 

Empowered Students: Through our customized and intensive leadership programs, Rapport empowers students with the confidence, self-esteem, and focus necessary to maximize their future opportunities.

Stronger Families: As parents and teenagers attend our courses, a common language, a common bond, and common experiences allow for increased communication and stronger family relationships.

Engaged Communities:  Our Youth Leadership division works with community organizations who are committed to the empowerment of tomorrow’s leaders through leadership training.  Our community partners are enthusiastic and passionate about creating social change, and they embrace the opportunity to help teenagers within their communities experience future success in work, school, and life.

Empower tomorrow’s leaders today

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