About Us

Rapport Founders & History

Mike and JoAnn Knapp founded Rapport Leadership International in Las Vegas in 1985.  JoAnn has a bachelor’s degree in education and a Master’s Degree in psychological testing.  Prior to Rapport, she taught special education for the Clark County School District and communication skills throughout the United States and Canada.  Mike majored in journalism, served in the U.S. Marines, and worked as a national sales trainer for Collier Encyclopedia.  In establishing Rapport, the Knapps combined their passion for leadership development with their entrepreneurial spirits.

Rapport’s Teen & Education History 

In 1991, in response to requests from Rapport’s corporate clients, JoAnn Knapp wrote our Teen Leadership Breakthrough Course for students 14-18 as a means to empower teenagers while building stronger families through a common experience and a common language.   As more teens attended Rapport’s course, both schools and communities began using Rapport’s Teen program as a way of investing in our future generation and its communities.  In 2007, the University of Calgary conducted an independent evaluation of Rapport’s Teen Leadership Breakthrough program, and the results showed a substantial increase in the students’ emotional intelligence, self-confidence, adaptability, competence, and inter-personal skills.  Through collaborative partnerships with schools, community organizations, and foundations, Rapport Leadership International is committed to advancing education, empowering students, building stronger families, and engaging communities.