For Educators

At Rapport, we know when we improve the person, the performance improves.  When we improve the performance, the family improves, the school improves, & the community improves.

Rapport’s Youth Leadership division complements formal education by improving the educational environment in schools through empowering the individual and developing cultures of leadership. As shown in a study conducted by the University of Calgary, our training provides sustainable results and creates a unique atmosphere of integrity and trust between students, teachers and administrators.


Our Youth Leadership training delivers behavior-changing training programs designed to increase focus, confidence, communication and accountability. The result is a culture where both teachers and students are motivated, aware, engaged, and empowered to lead. We firmly believe the way to create change within a school is to begin with the administrators and teachers, and then begin training the students. When both the teachers and students attend our intensive and custom courses, we know the common language and common experience allows for continual reinforcement, internal support, and coaching.

Rapport knows training is not an event, training is a process and we ensure your school has the support and resources it needs to create sustainable results.

Staying Connected

Educators have the opportunity to communicate with other teachers and organizations.  Educators that have been through our training can stay connected, share ideas, and inform each other of upcoming educational events.  The setting will also allow educators to share experiences and tools to ensure that the benefits from the training continue to be instilled in and outside the classroom long after the training takes place.

Staff Development Programs

Rapport Leadership International develops programs to strengthen the leadership culture within your school.  We understand that every culture has unique challenges and goals.  Whether you want to enhance teamwork, improve communication, increase accountability, or provide your staff with new skills, we will design a program to meet your needs.  Custom classes provide a structured environment that address the essential developmental aspects that a school or district needs to take themselves to the next level.  Our plan-of-action will address the full environment, including the development of students, teachers, professors, coaches, families, and administrators.

Our strategy to create a custom training class includes:

Assessment & Analysis

Our comprehensive needs assessment will determine the direction for a customized training approach and ongoing development plan.

Design & Development

Through in-depth dialog with your organization, we will design and develop a customized training program around your needs and desired outcomes.  Our development process involves a collaborative partnership that begins several weeks before the training is delivered.

Training and Facilitation

Training exercises are created to simulate real-life dynamics and processes are facilitated in an outcome orientated format.  This allows participants to experience what they will do differently and more effectively in the future.

Follow-Up Process

We work with your organization to create a follow-up plan with accountability measures to ensure ongoing performance outcomes are achieved.

Measurement & Next Steps

Our training addresses measurable performance behaviors that are tracked to ensure positive results on your training investment.  Our measure of success is not only a great training, it is great results!