Custom Youth Programs

Our Youth Leadership Custom Training focuses on changing behaviors directly related to specific student and educational needs, such as strategic planning, leadership, and team collaboration. Whether a school or organization has many Rapport graduates and would like to align the leaders and the culture or has very few Rapport graduates and wants to create efficient change, our Custom Training creates a stronger culture that fosters results.

Teenagers Standing in a Line

First, we complete a comprehensive needs assessment, then, we customize simulations and exercises to offer a course that delivers immediate and long-term performance improvement. This is a powerful, cost-effective learning tool for the entire organization.

The customized training will include interactive processes as well as high impact tools and skills for achieving immediate and long-term results. Our detailed needs assessment, customization of content, powerful delivery, and follow-up process create a comprehensive training approach to ensure all participants perform at peak levels. Examples of what is possible with our Youth Leadership Custom Training:

Teen Leadership Breakthrough graduates participate in a one-day custom training (Level 2 Leadership) to help them anchor in their experiences from Rapport and learn new skills.

Professional Development training is custom designed and developed for education staff to align a leadership culture within the school.

Development of community group events and processes align a group with its core values and reignite the passion.