College Leadership Breakthrough

This class is specifically designed for young adults ages 18-22 who want to sharpen the skills needed to transition into adulthood. Whether just entering college, ready to graduate, or in the workforce, the skills developed in this course help participants focus on future success.


In College Leadership Breakthrough, young adults learn:

Teamwork & Support

To capitalize on individual and group strengths by empowering others. Participants encourage open communication and cooperation by building a foundation of trust.

Focus & Taking Action

To recognize opportunities, prioritize daily tasks and have the courage and conviction to move toward their goals.

Passion & Enthusiasm

To learn to celebrate their successes, support those around them, and purse their dreams with enthusiasm and joy.

Feedback & Accountability

To give and receive feedback for continual learning and growth. Participants take responsibility for their actions and hold themselves and others accountable.


To realize their potential and gain the confidence to convert opportunities into reality. They develop the courage to get outside their comfort zone and continue to move forward in their lives.

Core Values and Mission

To identify and clarify the principles that will guide their life and shape their character.  Students develop a mission statement and action plan that will set them up for a successful transition into adulthood.

Prerequisite: None

Course length: Two-and-a-half days