Teen Eagle Quest

This class builds self-confidence, improves communication skills and requires participants to raise the bar on personal achievement.  Taught on our state-of-the-art ropes course at the Rapport Executive Retreat in Alamo, NV, this adventure-based program builds on the skills learned in Teen Leadership Breakthrough by presenting teens with a series of high-energy, challenging activities.  Teens learn to accomplish tasks through critical thinking and teamwork.

In Teen Eagle Quest, teenagers learn:

• Teamwork
To apply teamwork by recognizing and capitalizing on individual strenths, improving communication skills and building trust.

• Integrity 
To opperate from integrity demonstrating that they are their word, and that true integrity means doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

• Perseverance
To continuously be moving forward through adversity and how to change their approach to get different results.

• Personal Power 
To believe in themselves and stay focused on their goals in order to reach their true potential and enjoy all of life’s possibilities.

• Courage
To get outside of their comfort zones and take decisive action when faced with fear


Teen Leadership Breakthrough graduate and in high school or the summer following graduation

Two-and-a-half days