Stay Connected

After class, be sure to maintain connection with those who were in your Youth Leadership classes!  Here are some enjoyable, easy ways to maintain contact and hold one another accountable to all of the decisions you made during class:

connected teen group

  • Form a group on Facebook for your class
  • Create a website through or
  • Go On-Team with some of your classmates or Rapport Graduate Parents
  • Attend local Rapport graduations in your area
  • Create a club with others who are Rapport graduates
  • Check out what community organizations are doing in your area. For example, in Las Vegas, Rapport Graduates ran a fireworks stand for July 4th to raise money for Teen Leadership Breakthrough sponsorships. 


Rapport Leadership International knows that training is an on-going process, not a one-time deal.  Because of this, it is important to continue developing your leadership skills long after graduation.  Going On-Team allows you to experience the class from another perspective and discover tools that you need to develop from the first time around while allowing you to take your leadership to another level. 

As a graduate of our youth courses, you are now qualified to go On-Team!   If you have a parent who is a Graduate of Rapport Leadership International, you can choose to go On-Team together! 

If you have any questions or desire to go On-Team, call Rapport’s office at (800) 989-0715, right away!