What just some of our teens and college students say about the course …

“I will never forget the day that I discovered that I am a leader.”

“The world is full of diversity and differences; this program will give everyone something to have in common. “

“Thank you Rapport for changing my outlook on life, for making me feel like the empowered and confident woman I am.”

 “After attending Rapport I now look at myself in the mirror and see confidence.” 


“Now I have more self confidence, more enthusiasm, and I feel great about myself. In addition, Raport has made me appreciate all of the people in my life who love and care for me.”

“Through the exploration of my own personal weaknesses, strengths, abilities and potential, I have become an individual who is truly more understanding of others, but most importantly, of myself. The training I received was life-changing for me; if all people would receive such training, the world would have so much more passion, respect, and understanding.”

“I would recommend this training to others students and schools because in the world that we live in today there is a lot of discrimination and judgment. I think that we should use this training to our advantage and make this world a better place

What some of our parents of Rapport Graduates have to say …

“My son has always had leadership qualities, but the training he received with Rapport have galvanized his abilities and his desires in a new and enthusiastic way. It is such a privilege as parents to see him experiencing the joy of his individuality at such a young age. This will not only impact his life but all of the varieties of relationships which he is privilege to be a part of, family, church, school, employment and acquaintances.”


“My son expressed the importance of focusing to get things done and get to the target. He is putting that into action with his school work as well as with basketball.” 

“My daughter learned to be more independent and responsible, yet she is open to creating better and more fulfilling relationships.”

What teachers & educators are saying about Rapport …

“Rapport has helped me see the bigger picture again, and focus on what is important.” – Principal

“Anyone who believes in kids and their potential, this is a program to help them reach that potential.” -Teacher


“Rapport Leadership has reawakened the high school principal’s desire for him and his campus to be the very best.  It has reminded him that complacency is the enemy and he is the person who makes the difference.  This directly impacts student success due to what it means in terms of preparing teachers to work with kids.” – Superintendent

“I would recommend this program to anyone who has a commitment to self and professional improvement.”  – Vice Principal

“As a result of the Custom Training Rapport Leadership provided us, communication dramatically improved. Open feedback is more evident between all members of the staff. As a result, our mission statement for the upcoming school year is full of enthusiasm, conviction, and passion.”- Department Head