David’s story

David Harris

David Harris wants you to know him as he is now, in his “post Teen Leadership Breakthrough era.” As a Rapport graduate, David has a need to give back to his community. He does this by participating in the National Honor Society and by serving  On-Team for Teen Leadership Breakthrough. For the past few years, David has been available and has filled in at the last minute when he was needed; he has now participated on-team more than ten times.

David has also made it a priority to be involved and be noticed. Once shy, David now introduces himself to people he doesn’t know quite readily, and he participates in activities that once had intimidated him. As a highly analytical person, David found it difficult to show his mother just how much he loved and appreciated her. Since Rapport, he has “let go,” and he makes a daily effort to share his feelings with his mother. He knows that without her constant support he would not have been able to achieve all he has, and even with the ups and downs that come with being a seventeen year old, he knows that his relationship with his mother is better because of the lessons he learned about showing appreciation and love for others through Rapport.