Trimechia’s Story

Trimechia Moore

Trimechia came into contact with Rapport through PEARLS for Teen Girls. PEARLS stands for the cornerstones that participants learn: Personal responsibility, Empathy, Awareness, Respect, Leadership, and Support. PEARLS participants are extraordinary young women who actively engage in creating a better future for themselves, and Trimechia has been an example to all of us at Rapport. “Since I have been in PEARLS there are many things in which I learned about myself.  I have learned how to be a positive image for others as well as a role model.  PEARLS for Teen Girls has given me many opportunities, including the Rapport Leadership Training, that have allowed me to develop and grow, not only as a student, but an individual as well.  Pearls helps others just like myself make a difference in the world,” Trimechia explained. She was ranked in the top 10% of her graduating class, is a published author, and is involved in her church and school – all while working a part time job.

 As incredible as Trimechia had proven herself to be, Teen Leadership Breakthrough made a profound impact on her life. She admits to struggling with low self esteem, negativity, stress, and anger. “The Rapport Leadership International training made me a better person. … I was considered the ‘negative’ person in the crowd, and after leaving the training I realized that I do not want other people to see me that way – I want to bring insight to others around me. I realize now that it is okay to be nice and positive.” She makes an effort to say “Good Morning” to people everyday because she knows it makes people feel good.  Trimechia has also learned how to forgive. She now asks people she has hurt to forgive her, and she extends that forgiveness to others – even those who had hurt her deeply.